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M Y   P H I L O S O P H Y

I have heard singers and voice teachers alike use this particular phrase: "Singing should feel like a work out." Although there are a number of different anatomical functions happening within the body to produce one singular sound, it should never feel that way. Singing should always feel Released, Relaxed, Resonant, and Really easy.


I help singers navigate their voices using evidence-based theories in voice science, by applying tools designed to elicit positive changes in vocal behavior - all of which encourage a balanced vocal system. So you can create a healthy, vibrant sound that actually feels good! My hope for every student is that they leave each lesson feeling better vocally than they did before. Together, we'll create an environment that feels safe and transformative - while also being open, fun & efficient. 

V O C A L   G O A L S 

Better stamina

Easy access to high notes

Seamless transitions between registers

Vocal reliability & consistency

No more feeling "stuck" in your throat

Voice building

Optimal use of resonance

Expand range

Voice care strategies for health & sustainability


"The object of art is expression. The essence of expression is imagination. The control of imagination is form. The medium for all three is technique."

                                                               - Herbert Witherspoon

Genevieve holds a BFA in Musical Theatre from SUNY Fredonia as well as a Certificate in Advanced Vocal Pedagogy from Sonaura Voice. She is currently traveling across the U.S in the National Tour of Les Misérables as Ensemble u/s Fantine.
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Genevieve offers lessons in voice, acting and college audition prep to students of all levels  -  Check out specific services below

New Students

Are you interested in lessons? Would this be our first time together? Get an inside scoop on how I approach lessons and see if my teaching style would be right for you!

College Audition Prep

Are you interested in pursuing the arts at a collegiate level? I offer college audition prep for young professionals. Song selection, audition techniques, monologue coaching, self-taping tips, you name it - Let's get you that acceptance letter!

Drop-In Lessons

Are you a professional voice user? Are you looking for a brush up on your vocal technique, application and artistry? You got it. Book lessons one at a time and drop-in whenever you need it!

Younger Students

Is your child interested in voice lessons? I offer lessons to highly self-motivated children and tweens interested in pursuing the arts!

Monthly Packages

Are you a regular voice lesson student? (Think 3-4 lessons per month). Are you looking for more frequent and consistent training to up-level your instrument? Book your lessons in advance and all at once to receive a discounted rate!

Song Coaching / Acting

Are you looking for tips and tools to expand and solidify your acting chops? Do you want your vocal choices to serve and enhance the emotional journey of a song? When we prioritize vocal health and technique, expressive artistry falls into place. Let's go!

At this time, all lessons are offered digitally via Zoom

60 min Lesson


30 min Lesson



Let's connect!

 Please feel free to reach out to me directly! I'd be more than happy to discuss lesson availability, pricing and all things VOICE!

Thanks for inquiring! I'll get back to you soon...

A B O U T  G E N E V I E V E

Genevieve is a NY based teaching artist and performer, currently on the road with the National Tour of Les Misérables as Ensemble u/s Fantine! She teaches voice, acting, and college audition prep to students of all ages and levels of experience.


After graduating from SUNY Fredonia's BFA in Musical Theatre program, she underwent voice surgery to remove a ligamentous vocal fold cyst, which inspired her to learn more about the vocal mechanism as a whole.  After a successful surgery and recovery, Genevieve studied Advanced Vocal Pedagogy through Sonaura where she learned how to better assist herself and her students through research based theories in voice development, acoustics, anatomy and physiology.

When she is not teaching or fighting on the barricade, you can find Genevieve curled up on the couch watching a Marvel movie with her dog, Bentley, who travels with her on tour (and will probably pop into the camera frame during lessons from time to time).

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