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Shadow on Concrete Wall

 C O L L E G E   A U D I T I O N   P R E P


College auditions can seem overwhelming and scary. There was so much I wish I knew before going into unified auditions. As someone who has experienced it first-hand, and who has sat in on college auditions, there are certain elements that can help your audition stand out! From material selection to self-taping pre-screen tips and tricks, we'll personalize your audition package, amp up your book, solidify your vocals and get you that acceptance letter!

W H A T   W E ' L L   D O

Monologue Coaching

Video Editing

What to Wear & Why

How to Calm Audition Nerves

Boost YOUR Confidence


C O L L E G E   P R E P   L E S S O N S

I offer monthly College Prep lesson packages. 1-2 lessons per week depending on your needs. Each lesson is 60 min.



Self-taping for pre-screens

Material Selection

Organizing your audition book

Headshot & Resume Tips

Song Coaching

Shadow on Concrete Wall

If you have any questions about College Audition Prep, please use the Contact Me forum

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